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Medical Billing New



  • Medical Billing for all specialists and surgeons across Australia (View list of Specialists)
  • Ongoing Medicare compliance support and education for our clients
  • Billing audits to find your hidden dollars
  • Cleanup of medical billing in your practice software (Genie, Shexie, etc)
  • Cleanup of backlog billing that you need processed
  • Outsourced billing services to improve your income and reduce your overheads
  • Outsourced billing for leave cover of the staff in your practice
  • Assist you to set fees and gap amounts
  • Advice on how to comply with all Medicare and Health Fund rules and guidelines
  • Billing audits to ensure that you are maximising your income
  • Private practice advisory services
  • Fraud and Theft prevention for your practice


  1. Fill out the Medical Billing Registration Form on our website
  2. Medical Billing staff use information on form to create Health Fund registration forms
  3. Digitally sign the Health Fund registration forms provided
  4. Medical Billing Experts registers you with all Health Funds

    Health fund registration for a new practitioner can take 1-2 weeks. Bupa and Medicare registrations can take 4-6 weeks.

  5. Submit billing through our easy to use mobile app or via our secure web portal

    Billing can be submitted in any format that suits your practice as long as all relevant information is included.

  6. Patient Medicare number and Health Fund validity verified electronically before billing is processed

    Our staff verifies patient details before transmission of billing to Health Funds, eliminating unnecessary rejections of billing.

  7. Medicare compliance checks of all item numbers by our expert billing staff

    Medical Billing Expert’s compliance program reduces your risk of unnecessary audits and clawbacks.

  8. Correction of errors in patient information by Medical Billing Experts’ staff

    Errors can include incomplete/missing information, incorrect Medicare numbers, incorrect names or dates of birth.

  9. Our Expert Collections Staff remedies all rejections and collects funds from patients & third party insurers who can’t be billed through eclipse

    We have a fully staffed collections department staffed by qualified and experienced collections officers.

  10. Health Funds pay fees into YOUR bank account
  11. Medical Billing Experts provides reports at the end of each month regarding your billing activity and funds collected

    Reports sent to you each month include all items billed, all funds receipted and a list of pending billing performed on your behalf.

  12. Medical Billing Experts sends Monthly invoice for Billing Fees along with your monthly reports


Would you like to learn more about how our comprehensive medical billing services can benefit your practice? We offer specialized billing for all specialists and surgeons across Australia, along with ongoing Medicare compliance support and education. Our services include thorough billing audits to uncover hidden revenue, cleanup of your practice software, and processing backlog billing. By outsourcing your billing to us, you can improve your income and reduce overheads, even covering staff leave.

We also assist in setting fees and gap amounts, ensuring compliance with Medicare and Health Fund guidelines, and provide private practice advisory services to prevent fraud and theft.