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About Us

Medical Billing Experts was established in 2008 and has rapidly grown to become the industry leader in Medical Billing and private practice support.

Our clients include many of the top specialists and surgeons from all major hospitals across Australia. We have expertise in Medical Billing for all specialties, including but not limited to billing for Intensivists, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Paediatricians, Physicians and Surgical Assistants.

Before joining Medical Billing Experts, our Managing Director Loryn Einstein worked as a Senior Manager for
Queensland Health. During her years as a Revenue Manager at a Tertiary hospital she gained significant expertise in the field of medical billing, revenue optimisation and private practice management.

Our staff has a depth of experience in billing of all specialities and includes staff that have gained their expertise from their years in specialist and surgical practices.

Our fees include end to end processing of your Medical Billing.

For one low fee, we verify and correct Medicare and Health Fund information for your patients, process your Health Fund billing through eclipse (and your Workcover and other claims through other channels). We follow up on collections and rejections until your claim is paid!

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Expert outsourced medical billing

Working Harder and Earning Less?

Most practices lose the equivalent of 1 to 2 months income each year due to hidden losses being caused by improper or incomplete billing being performed by their staff.

The good news is that you can increase your income and relieve your staff of the burden of billing. Our success rate is second to none— most of our clients see an average income increase of 27% just by having us perform their medical billing.

With Medical Billing Experts, not only will you increase your income through proper billing, we can also help you recover “lost” income through billing audits and cleanup of your billing. We’ve recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for doctors across Australia… recovering lost billing income for doctors who all thought their staff had the time, expertise and ability to maximise their income.

Let the specialists at Medical Billing Experts take care of your billing and collections. Earn more money while your workload and your practice become easier to manage!

Advice on how to comply with all Medicare and Health Fund rules and guidelines. Please see instructions for the first line (Medical Billing for all specialists and surgeons across Australia) in the Medical Billing section below.

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Medical Billing Experts Services

  • Medical Billing for all specialists and surgeons across Australia (View list of Specialists)
  • Billing audits to find your hidden dollars
  • Cleanup of medical billing in your practice software (Genie, Shexie, etc)
  • Cleanup of backlog billing that you need processed
  • Outsourced billing services to improve your income and reduce your overheads
  • Outsourced billing for leave cover of the staff in your practice
  • Assist you to set fees and gap amounts
  • Advice on how to comply with all Medicare and Health
  • Fund rules and guidelines
  • Billing audits to ensure that you are maximising your income
  • Evaluation of staff knowledge of appropriate billing practices and procedures
  • Private practice advisory services
  • Fraud and Theft prevention for your practice

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