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Keep your cash flowing with outsourced medical billing!

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Medical Billing Experts supports medical practices of all sizes to keep their medical billing current without the hassles of recruitment, retention and training of staff.

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If you have staffing shortages, you can make short-term or long-term arrangements to process your medical billing by outsourcing the work to us. Our goal is to keep your cash flow stable as well as ensuring Medicare compliance.

For most doctors, outsourcing medical billing to Medical Billing Experts is cheaper than the cost of in-house staff.

  • Short-term or long-term medical billing services available
  • No setup fee for Genie, Gentu or Shexie users.
  • Billing can be  performed in your software or ours.
  • Billing of current claims.
  • Cleanup of billing and rejections.
  • Reasonable fees for all doctors.
  • Patient data security assured.